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Art improves our life

“Art is continuous research, assimilation of past experiences, adding new experiences, form, content, matter, technique, and means.” -Bruno Munari Childhood is the moment when all our sensory receptors are more sensitive to the stimuli that the environment offers us. We look at everything, and we…

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The Most Beautiful Carnival Parades In The World

The Carnival is a festival that originally indicated the banquet held on the last Thursday and the last Tuesday before Lent (Tuesday and Fat Thursday); just from this event, the carnival took its name (“carnem levare,” that is, knock the meat off). In countries of Catholic…

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Cyberbullying: What It Is And How To Prevent It

Cyberbullying: what it is and how to prevent it

Today the Internet has given us many ways to communicate thanks to the use of social media, email, instant messaging, online bulletin boards, newsgroups, etc. But these resources, if misused, can reveal a sensitive dark side: cyberbullying. But what is this phenomenon? How does it…

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