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Robots for special children

Robotics is making great strides and today represents an innovation that could soon change the lives of many children affected by the syndrome of autism. Recent research has shown that autistic children manifest positive social behaviors that are usually not observed if they interact with…

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Cyberbullying: What It Is And How To Prevent It

Cyberbullying: what it is and how to prevent it

Today the Internet has given us many ways to communicate thanks to the use of social media, email, instant messaging, online bulletin boards, newsgroups, etc. But these resources, if misused, can reveal a sensitive dark side: cyberbullying. But what is this phenomenon? How does it…

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Learning from children at Salone Del Libro Turin

We would like to tell you what we learned from the children, right, from them, at the Salone Internazionale Del Libro in Turin 2017, as Elisa’s and Roberta’s guests, co-founders of Mamamò.it and coordinators of the Digital Library in the Bookstock Village section of the festival.

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